When I signed on for a half ironman triathlon it was with mixed feelings about how to train effectively to get to that start line feeling ready both mentally and physically.  I needed a coach to help me that was for sure!   I was fortunate enough to hear that Bern was a triathlon coach through a friend who had trained for her first Olympic Triathlon and had nothing but compliments for Bern's approach to her training.  I decided to ask him if he'd take on another client and luckily he agreed!   The training plan that Bern provided over a 5 month period was challenging (in a good way), kept me focused on the areas I lack strength/confidence in (mainly swimming!) and was manageable esp. given I work fulltime.  He has a very positive approach, is an enthusiastic coach (you can tell he loves triathlon!) and I felt very comfortable asking him many questions about training and racing.  I can honestly say I've learnt a great deal which has helped me become stronger, fitter and more knowledgeable about the sport.  Having a coach to support me through the many aspects of training both mental and physical was fantastic for my motivation and confidence and helped me get to that start line feeling ready and positive about the task at hand.  I would recommend Bern as a Coach to anyone who is keen to take part in triathlon (both beginner and experienced).



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